Backpack Food Program

In February of 2014, Indian River rolled out its Backpack Food Program. The Middle School piloted this effort. It was such a huge success that Antwerp Primary, IRIS, and IRHS currently participate in this venture. Indian River Backpack Program, Inc. is a not-for-profit that discreetly provides needy students nutritious, child-friendly food items to take home on weekends and school breaks. This helps the children return to school ready to learn.

There is a great need for such a program at Indian River. According to the Child Nutrition Management System, Indian River has approximately 50% of students qualifying for free or reduced lunch on a yearly basis. Research supports that hunger can result in a variety of physical and behavioral problems such as tardiness, absenteeism, anxiety, aggression, and poor social interactions.


If you are a parent or guardian interested in enrolling your child in the Indian River Backpack Food Program, please access our online enrollment form at the following link:

Indian River Backpack Food Program Online Enrollment Form Antwerp Primary: 315-659-8386

IRIS: 315-642-0405

IRMS: 315-642-0125 ext. 171

IRHS: 315-642-0008


In order to meet our mission and provide services in our community, we rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses for support. If you would like to support IRBP, Inc. by making a monetary donation, please make checks payable to IRBP, Inc. and send them to Indian River Middle School. Monetary donations are the most effective way of helping to sustain our program, but if you prefer to donate non-perishable foods, contact the school to which you’d like to donate for specific details. Your kindness will make a difference in our community by allowing us to continue our endeavor to feed hungry students.